Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Crew - post 2

I got the Corvette ZR1 with the CAU crates. I got the Perf spec first, because I'm broke and couldn't afford the Circuit. It's a really good car, only around level 800 though. I upgraded it up and over the level of my Perf BMW. I got the Circuit spec soon after and immediately fell in love. It's quite fast and has really good steering, even at high speeds, I also pulled off a thread the needle in it. I'll edit this to post a link to the video when I post it on Youtube. I'm working on upgrading it but I don't expect to easily get it better than my Camaro or GT.

I played a lot of CAU crates, most of them being I was invited to it as a protector of the transporter. Protecting transporters when they're in Perf cars is hard because the exotic supercars are too overpowered, I have to use my GT going 260-280 MP/H to keep up with them. Another thing that bothers me are the guardrails. Guardrails are useful when you're on the road, because you can use it to help steer, but when you're on the outside they are a pain. Especially in an Off-Road CAU chase and you hit a guardrail from the outside and it stops you.

For once in my life I met someone ingame who was lower level than me. Everyone I come along to in Free Roam is always overpowered compared to me, but I saw two players who I got to help with some of the first missions, which leads me to talk about Specs. I hate Street spec, my highest leveled street car is level 782. I used to be really serious about street specs but I don't like it as much anymore. I feel the same for Dirt, I have a low-ish leveled Raptor that I use for Dirt races and I just cannot steer in it. I get 4th or 5th every PvP race in dirt spec. I'm pretty cool with Performance, I have that Corvette that works like a charm, but all those exotic supercars are very overpowered for Perf spec. Raid and Circuit are my strongsuits, I've always done pretty well in Circuit races, especially on actual tracks rather than dirt roads like that Hill Climb race. Raid is my best spec, I've even had people blaming me for hacking when I win raid races by 10-20 seconds. I don't hack, I'm just good at it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Crew - Post #1

I love the Crew, one of my favorite games of all time. I had stopped playing for maybe a year because I played a lot of Just Cause 3 and World Of Tanks Blitz, but now I'm back into The Crew. I'm level 52, my highest vehicle level is my Circuit Ford GT at 1152 or something. I have a lot of different vehicles, whenever I have money for one I buy it even though I should save up my bucks more for a good car.

Yesterday I leveled up from 50 to 52, I also got 9 fragments for my next Calling All Units car, the Corvette. I played in 15 or 16 chases, most of them being a transporter protector in my Raid Mustang (leveled 900 something.) I also participated in a PvP event that my crew member invited me to. I lost a Perf race terribly but when it came to Raid I was dominant by 20+ seconds ahead of Mr. 2nd place. Raid and Circuit are my strongest areas, when I'm in other cars anyone can annihilate me, but when I get in a Raid I'm unstoppable.

My crew member and I also found this nice little area somewhere down south. There was a steady downhill slope of a mountain that led to a steep hill with rocks on top. When we got into Raids and ran down the hill, hitting the steeper hill and the rocks, our cars would fly into the air, and upon landing we could drift for more stunt money. This all took about 20 seconds each time and I would get upwards of $3,000 each time, great buck grinding.

I'll play more later today and write about it tomorrow, thanks for reading my stories :P